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Student Services

Belief Statements 

We believe:

  • all decisions are based on the best interest of our students. 

  • students are whole beings, valued and respected for their uniqueness, fully capable of and expected to reach their maximum learning potential. 

  • that meaningful learning occurs only in the presence of meaningful relationships. 

  • in continual development of highly qualified staff utilizing evidence-based teaching practices and instruction.

  • that team collaboration and individualized planning for each student maximize student growth. 

  • the responsibility for a successful education is shared by the student, teachers, administrators, the Board, parents, and community working together as a team.  

  • that the learning environment needs to be safe, age appropriate, structured, and supportive of each student's learning and behavioral needs. 


Special Education Department 

Kim Buchanan, Coordinator of Student Services


Special Education Teachers

Haley Copeland, 3-5 Resource Teacher 

Kara Spohr, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Rachael Marmol, 6-8 Resource Teacher

Rachelle Sikes, K-2 Resource Teacher

Related Services

Jeannette Gulledge, COTA/L

Sara Zielinski, MS, OTR/L

Nathan Jokiel, Social Worker

Kara Lampinen, Speech and Language Pathologist 

Kristi Newman, Speech and Language Pathologist 

Andrea Raffaele, Physical Therapist 

Stefanie Rios, Reading Specialist

Stephanie Trusky, English Language Teacher

Alina Wanchoo, School Psychologist 


Harrison School District: Physical Restraint, Time Out, Isolated Time Out Reduction Plan 



Individualized Education Programs (IEPS)

Disability Areas

Special Education Information for Parents/ Guardians

Procedural Safeguards

Developmental Milestones for Speech-Language:

     - Birth to Five Years:

     - Kindergarten to Fifth Grade: