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Board of Education

The Board of Education is made up of seven members elected by registered voters who live within the boundaries of Harrison School District 36. The main function of the Board is to monitor the educational development of youth and maintain the educational facilities through governance of policies and finances of the district.  The Board of Education does have a Presentation from the Floor item at each of its full regular meetings which permits interested community members to address the Board, as has been past practice.


The administration recommends that they be given an opportunity to address any presented problems, complaints or suggestions of an educational nature prior to addressing the Board of Education. Administration does consider it obligatory to inform the Board of Education of any ongoing concern or issue that is raised by parents or community members. 


If you have a specific subject to bring before the Board, notify the Superintendent as soon as possible so that it can be considered for placement on the agenda.  The procedure is to notify the Superintendent one week prior to the meeting. The Board's basic function is policymaking and oversight of finances. While the Board is interested in hearing the opinions and suggestions of the general public, whenever possible questions or problems should first be discussed with an appropriate teacher or administrator. The Board's office is located at 6809 McCullom Lake Road, Wonder Lake, Illinois 60097.


To contact the Board Of Education, please email

Board Members